Saturday, October 20, 2007

Translation guide

This is for all you people who can't understand John and Timmy talk.

Word John Timmy
Drink Grink Gink
Cookie Cookie Gogie
Book Book Vook
Cat Gat Gat
Shoes Yoes goes
Swing wing Wing
Out side Out Yide Goe side
Silly Yilly Lilly
Hair Air Vair
Nose No No
Here is an example of John talk,
GoGoph, you are yo yilly. Meaning, Joseph, you are so silly. Or, I my turn to be on the tool.
Here is an example of Timmy Talk,
Vera, yoo ahv gikin. Meaning Sarah, you have a kitten. Or, We nee yahngers, You figure that one out yourself.

If you have any more words you don't understand, tell me.


Prudence said...

I like "Rarah, gum pease." One of my kids could say "He owns the catalogue a thousand hills".

Tiny Tim said...

That sounds pretty funny... little kid's dialect is pretty hard to understand and spell. does that last one mean: we need hangers?

sarah said...

Yes, we do need hangers. We always need hangers when we get all the coats out.