Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ninja Remote

My brother got a ninja remote from a website just for nerds (does that mean he's a nerd?). Anyways, I went next door where my friend Chelsea lives. This Chelsea has a annoying uncle who's name is not being posted to respect his privacy:) So he is watching Texas Chainsaw (not a good show at all) and I started messing up the channels and muting it, he was confused at first but then I showed him the remote and he had no idea what it was. So I turned the TV off. He told me to go away, I left not wanting to be injured by a cranky guy.

It's still raining a bit, and it's cold.

The same brother as above also bought some BlackBlack gum. If you don't know what that is, one piece equals drinking a Redbull. I bought a pack from him, and this stuff really works!

Later: Today that annoying uncle told me I needed to throw that remote in the garbage.


pink pocket said...

Hi a ninja remote sounds cool!I could swich what my friends are watching.Instead of throwing it out can you give to me but I live far away.

Tiny Tim said...

Geek items thats all and i would have to agree with you about him being a nerd.