Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This and That

This made me laugh, see if it makes you laugh.,51555
Why not just stomp on it?

I drew a picture today titled "Destroying The Bad Dream". It is for my little sister who gets bad dreams easily. When my brother gets home from work he will show me how to put pictures on again, and everybody can see it.

This is Snickers

My puppy managed to get out of her crate last night, and punched the screen out of the window in the shed. She also ate all of her and Snickers (my younger brothers dog) treats and tried to eat the dog food. She looked stuffed this morning and made quite a pile! While I was taking her out, this other non-fixed male dog from down the road comes over. So I took him home and his owner didn't even known he was gone, even though he was working outside!! He tells me we will have to keep a closer eye on our dogs since neither of them are fixed. Hmmm, I think next time maybe we will call the pound since this isn't the first time that dog has been over here.

I've been mentioning my brothers and sisters here, but not their names. So here are my brothers and sisters names, oldest to youngest:

Nathanael, Josiah, Me, Elijah, Benjamin, Abigail, Elizabeth, John, Timothy and ?


prudence said...

I'd save myself the 20 bucks!!plus shipping and handling. Stomping IS a better option. I like to do the yoyo trick by getting the web and watch the spidy go up it. A little shake drops them down again and repeat and repeat.
I need to get out more!! LOL

Anonymous said...

hey Sarah jghkjhgkhueywtidhkvjhduikygirhvkjhsduytuyuyuy (hello)

sarah said...

very funny, I know who you are:)

Anonymous said...