Saturday, December 29, 2007

Babs Bunny, private ear

I have decided not to play Dungeon Siege any more, even though it was a rather interesting game. I prayer meeting dad has been going through Acts 16, about the woman who brought her masters much gain by soothsaying. Dad was particularly concerned about computer games that he knew some of us were playing that involved spells, magic and the like and he told us that we needed to stop playing those games because we gave Satan a foothold. I know my curiosity has been aroused and I find myself wondering what an ouija board looks like and how exactly it works. Today dad and I went to Value Village and I felt, I don't know, defiled" maybe, by just looking at the one that was for sale there. But anyways, I am not going to give Satan a foothold and I am going to delete the game.

I cleaned the church today and while I was doing that a guy called wanting my dad, he couldn't remember dad's name just knew dad had done stuff with him before. There is nothing like sweeping up little golden stars and vacuuming pink glitter to make a Tim Hortans bagel seem a lot better tasting.

I pretty much finished setting up my fish tank, so no it looks quite natural, I want to get some platties and mollies in the future. I bough some guppies from Ben today, bough them. I have let Ben use a lot of my fish equipment indefinitely an he wants me to buy two guppies from him that are $1.50 each. I mentioned to hem about the fish stuff that was currently being borrowed and that if it wasn't for all that stuff he wouldn't have very much to keep his fish alive on. He sighed and said that I was right and that he guess he would let me have them for 74 cents each.


Joseph said...

you used to play dungeon siege? wow! learn something new everyday.

Cathy said...

Same here. Makes me wonder what else my children are doing secretly. I'm glad you repented, Sarah.

sarah marie said...

I wont miss that game, I'll just miss my little donkey that I carried all my stuff on. I didn't get why that donkey ran away every time there was a fight, why didnt it start kicking those weird skeleton dudes that kept coming back to life?

Joseph said...

haha. the game is interesting. thats about it. and I did have fun playing it but its kind of boring and not really the best, due to the fact that theres magic in it.