Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Today is Christmas. Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas for various reasons; I thought of posting a big thing about Christmas like I did for Halloween, but I decided not to, for various reasons. But anyways why do people celebrate this holiday? Some of my neighbors said it was because of Jesus's birth and to give presents, and another certain neighbor said it was to get stuff. I think it may be interesting to ask any random person what they think Christmas is for. Personally, whenever I think of Christmas I think of the Lord being born to die, to save sinners who didn't deserve being saved, to save me.

I have the weirdest/strange dreams when the heat gets to much at night. Last night I dreamed I was ridding a motorcycle, blindfolded. I have also dreamed I was in a jungle camp (don't ask why I was there, please) and I dreamed once that I told someone (I wont say who because its to sad and yeah) I was kinda swearing and yelling at the person and the person started crying and asked me why I just didn't slap them. Hopefully dad will turn the heat down or something sometime soon.

Josiah finally posted again; I wish I could've met this Corbin, he sounds interesting. Elijah is making chocolate chip cookies and when I get done I think I will take a few if he doesn't mind. Nate bought all of us drinks after sledding and it was a hard choice between a Red Bull or root beer, but then Nate says that he wasn't going to buy caffeinated drinks so that knocked out Red Bull since A&W root beer is not caffeinated. But hey, if all the guys get to drink coffee, why cant people who don't like coffee get to drink caffeinated beverages?

The kids want to watch a video from my grandma called Kipper: water play, 50 minutes of fun. Its advertised as a refreshing pace for todays busy kids, hmmm all I see is that it was made by the same people that made Bob the Builder and that it probably has annoying songs on it that will get stuck in your head.

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