Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Boule de neige

Since it is exactly three weeks until Christmas, here are two songs found in one of my history books. I found them amusing,

No Christmas (to the tune of "White Christmas")

I'm dreaming there'll be no Christmas
Just like those Scottish days of yore
When the people listened
Reformed truth glistened
And they laid low the Romish whore.

I'm dreaming there'll be no Christmas
And that the truth will be revived
May God's people follow His light
And put out this superstitious rite.

Or how about this one,

Barks the Papist to his Friend (to the tune of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing")

Barks the papist to his friend
Help us reach our wicked end
Keep the world in superstition
And destroy Protestantism.

Let them keep our Christmas day
Protestants, the pope will say,
Come and celebrate our mass
And help us in our wicked task

Dark the day that we give in
And celebrate that popish sin.

If you look at the rest of them, notice who wrote them. I wonder if he is the Dobson.

We got a fridge/freezer side by side and a washer and a dryer from the Crocker's today. Their house will be pretty nice once they finish fixing it up. The paint is pealing, sheet rock looks like it will fall down any moment and the tiles on the floor are curling up. Mrs. Crocker told me that in her bedroom, there was a large hole in the ceiling that had been covered with plastic. NOw that they fixed it you wouldn't be able to tell that it was there. She also said that the shower downstairs was filthy (even though instructions for cleaning the shower were taped to the inside) and that instead of opening up into the bathroom (which is smaller than my dinning table) it opened up into the living room. They have a big wood cook stove and another smaller wood stove, they also use an old hand powered washing machine and oil lamps and they turned their freezer into an icebox. They must save on electricity though.

My grandparents don't have very much snow. Grandpa said that they got a light dusting this morning but then it melted. Too bad for them, we get the snow. The drifts out back go past my knees; the dogs love how deep it is. They roll around and bury their faces in it then jump up and pounce on each other. Then they come in to eat all covered in snow and wagging tails.

I like roses. They are nice looking and they smell nice. Every color of rose is nice, but I like the kind with yellow in the center and red on the tips. We have a rose bush outside, and hopefully it'll bloom next year. I cant wait to see what color they are, even though I know they will probably be pink or red. Maybe I'll get different kinds of rose bushes and, if its possible, cross them until I get a nice rose color. That would be cool.


gogeph said...

Interesting songs. at the same time I don't like them, they are a bit funny though.

Prudence said...

Hey Joe,
Read them again. Maybe some other ideas will come from them. Those two songs sound like opposites.
Have the Crockers moved?
Our dog would dig in the snow to find rocks to slobber over. We could throw snowballs for her and she would jump to catch them. One time we did it so much that she was sick all night. Just worn out and drooling. Too much cold snow in her stomach probably.

sarah said...

The Crockers moved to Lancaster last April. Those songs are kinda funny.

sarah said...

they live 22 oak street

Cathy said...

Let's not forget also that Joy to the World is NOT a Christmas song. It is a dispensational, premillenial song referring to Christ's SECOND coming, not His first coming.

gogeph said...

whats red, oval, lumpy, and grows underground.

sarah said...

I have no idea

sarah said...


gogeph said...

ya the veggy you hate.

gogeph said...

hey Sarah how about some christmas music on your blog? it would be a nice change.:)

sarah said...

hmmm, I look for some.

gogeph said...

I had chistmas songs going through my head all day at work. but my memory is sort of... you know.... well I can't remember all the song so it kind of sounded funny. good thing no one could hear me.

gogeph said...

guess what? a long time ago when I was mowing my grampa underwoods lawn and I had to get something under the rose bush and it got my hair(no it was not long) and I looked to get my hair out and I saw a sign saying "stop to smell the roses". the thought came to mind bash the roses but that would not get me paid so I didn't.