Monday, December 10, 2007

Biology dreams

All the tiles on the wall are dingy ultra violet so you have to wear a yellow hat to ward of gamma rays that are trying to penetrate your puny brain and convince you of the fact that you need to by a purple drill, but you really wanted to buy that orange drill that has Toby Keith written all over it. Its a special addition drill the Santa and all his little green men made with a little help from Tinkerbell. So your hand keeps being drawn to the purple drill rack by what seems to be cookie force and it is so hard to resist the temptation. The reason you don't want to by that drill is because it is known to take over the person who owns it and turn them into a hard working person instead of the lazy disintegrating slooze ball that you are right now. All of a sudden you see this muscular looking rat drive up in his golf kart and grab a blue screwdriver with Steve Martin written all over it. Your hand suddenly drops and you find yourself driven by some imagined force over to the blue screwdriver rack. Steve always made you laugh when you really didn't feel like laughing and you could get that screwdriver to show off to your pet hamsters and tell them how idiotic Steve was. Suddenly a big LSD screen pops up out of the floor right under your nose and gives you a lessen about elements and atoms forming into molecules and how studying diffusion and osmosis may cause insomnia. That bit of information causes you to realize the you need to rest more when you study because sentences like when a solute travels across a membrane in order to even out concentration, __________ has occurred. When the solvent travels across a membrane in order to even out out concentration, ________ has occurred. _______ happens when a semipermeable. . . Thats when you lose it. So you grab the blue screwdriver, purple drill and orange drill and head out of Wally World forgetting that your mother sent you in to get a miniature watch with a camera and One Eyed Monster in side it. It was on sale to, only $1,000,000,000 if you buy a large double Mac with can of orange raspberry soda with it. It seems as though the managers of all the fast food restaurants decided to try this new flavor of soda and nobody likes it, root beer and coke seem to be the top flavorers still. Thats when you wake up covered in ice and then you cant sleep any more. You are so nervous that you will get a bad grade on you biology test that it screws up your mental abilities so that you feel like a blob of oozing mud and playdough mixed together. The rest of the night is filled terrible thoughts of grades less then 80% and you feel all jittery and you think day will never come. Then you wake up again and realize that you are sitting at the desk starring at your brother trying to drag the trailer through the snow and you look down at the biology papers in front of you and then decide to stop typing.


gogeph said...

There is only one word that I can think of to say about that post. HUH!

sarah said...

was that like, i don't get it or sure whatever?

gogeph said...

the same answer I give anyone. both.