Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hand That Paints the Day

There's a hand that paints the day.
As the moments rush.
And no colors get away from the Master's brush.
On His canvas stretched to time.
All the human hues,
Blend and blur a design,
God could only choose.
There are dreams dabbed in doubt.
Hopes washed in pain.
There are broken hearts, that leave a mark.
A deep crimson stain.
There is laughter's motley joy.
Whispers wet with sighs.
There are shades of shame, regret's rain.
Running from the eyes.
Stroke by stroke the Masterpiece,
Grows in gift and grace.
Till this Love's last line completes
The Painter's tear-stained face.
Michael Kelly Blanchard

Later tonight I will write something, not pictures or something I copied and pasted.


Joseph said...

nice song Sarah. I like. isn't cool how many things can be used for God. pictures, people like us, songs, signs, preaching, and sometimes just your atitude.

sarah marie said...

I like how he writes, its like he was telling story when he sings. I didn't post last night because the internet stopped working.

The door frame for my dads study is low because of the stairs. I was going down there to do laundry and I jumped to go down the stairs. big mistake, the force of my head hitting the door frame knocked me over so that I hit the back of my head on the stairs. I didn't really hurt that much, I just felt a little dizzy.

Joseph said...

um..... are you sure your head is ok. that doesn't sound like the sort of thing that just makes you dizzy. ok that sounds like you have hard head. if your did not like sit there for a long time, you ether have a hard head, or you're a lot tougher than you look.

Cathy said...

I think she's tougher than she looks. Or else she's pulling off the biggest cover up ever. Either way, she knows how to laugh at herself.

Once I rode a bike three times too small for me. Something caught in the front wheel, and I went head over wheels, landing on my back with the bike, tangled up with my ankle, on top of me. Tom looked at me like he was about to bust. He wanted so bad to laugh, but wasn't sure if I thought it was funny. When I started laughing, he totally lost it.

Now you tell a story about when you were a total doofus and got hurt for it.

sarah marie said...

I'll take the "tougher than she looks, it wasn't a big cover up. i just have a bruise on my head. And that was the second time I did that to. yes Joseph, lets hear a doofus story from you.

Joseph said...

ok.. ok. When I was 6 I did a catwalk on my bike that ended in me going upside down. My gums where purple and bloody, my two front teeth were split a part. and my bike totalled. And another one to make you happy. At the age of I think 11, I was going pretty fast on my bike and purposely put my foot in the front wheel and did a front flip. after My foot was in the chain and the bike was on me. the funny thing is that didn't hurt at all.

Prudence said...

What that when you had a golf club that got caught in the spokes? The one Chad gave you or your birthday? The time Lia was pretty upset to see what your gums looked like afterward and your teeth turned grey but came back to white before they got loose and fell out 'cause they were baby teeth. That time? Huh? Huh?

sarah marie said...

oh my Joseph, you lead a rough life:) Reminds me of when I played frisbee with a hubcap.

Joseph said...

Oooo! painful. and ya but I need to and try to take it all for training to do better in the future. kind like Trial and Error. you learn from it.