Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tonka raceway

There is a lot of snow outside. Duh, why would it be inside? There are mounds of it all over the place where people shoveled, and here and there are yellow spots. Any body coming here would know we have dogs. I like the snow but I cant wait until spring when everything shows life again. Every thing is alive but it doesn't show.

Since the table is cleared off I really should start on my quilt again, but I have all winter to do that. It wont take me very long because I am using the sewing machine, so I'll just drag it out until I finally get done in April when my grandparents are supposed to visit. Grandma quilts all the time and I want to have this done by the time she comes. I never wanted to do quilting but I have found out recently that it is kinda fun. Just seeing it take shape and then its done and you can use it.

I am glad that I have christian friends, even though they are mostly boys, they are encouraging and everything but I miss spending time with Emily, for some reason God doesn't want me to have christian friends that are girls. I have two friends (that are girls) but they are not saved, and I'm afraid they are being more of an influence on me than the other way around.

Somebody ate the three pieces of swiss chocolate that my grandma gave me, and of course everybody blames Notme. Well, at least somebody enjoyed it, I don't like to eat chocolate that much and I didn't plan on eating that chocolate. John said it tasted like dog food and he also said he didn't eat it.

This is an interesting article, I plan to read more on that because this kind of history is really fascinating to me. I like reading any history, but Jewish history I like reading better. I heard of this movie called The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, it looks interesting a little. Also National Treasure 2 is coming out soon, that will be interesting.


gogeph said...

ah that reminds me of one of my sayings, "you just gotta keep on keeping on".

gogeph said...

i'm to lazy to read that much. no its not that there is not enough pictures. to short of a intension span. and my mom would most likely quiz me on it later.

sarah said...

Too long? I read it in a couple minutes, I'm sure it wont take you that long to read it, if you are interested. How long is the stuff you read in your history? I'm not sure I'd like it if my mom quizzed me on whatever I read, but then I read so much I don't think she could keep up.

gogeph said...

I am lazy. ok I'm not going to say it again.

sarah said...

ok, dont say it again. the article just wasnt about Jewish history, it was about the ten commandments that were found in a place that was supposedly first discoverd by christopher columbas. thid suggested otherwise, and it was interesting.

gogeph said...

I don't want to be lazy and thats why I like the cold it wakes me up, Its just one more thing that I have to work on.