Monday, December 31, 2007


I have waited maybe three hours to write because people were watching those Tievel mouse movies. In a couple more hours it will be 2008; last year Elijah and I stayed up and when it was finally 12, we were tempted to shout but we restrained ourselves. This year I may be asleep at twelve, who knows.

I figured out what to get John and Lizzy for their birthdays. I am going to get a bunch of Bob the Builder and Kipper DVDs. Ahh, I just love my evil plan, they are always selling DVDs on ebay so I will be able to get a bunch really cheap.

I cleaned my room today with help from my sisters. All the fish tank gravel, dirty clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, coats, books and cat poop are off the floor now. Somebody shut the cat up in my room and she got a little desperate. Its 11:17 and I started at 10 something, see how long it takes my to write? I have to think forever about what to write and its just so hard when you feel half asleep.

I played sorry with Chelsea and I almost won. She needed a two and I had two sorry pieces in start. I finally got them out and they were both almost home when she got her two. It was sad. She tried to show me how to play crib but that didn't work. It was a rather boring game and I wasn't really paying attention at all so we quit. I had no clue what I was doing, she said to put down my crib. I stared at her with a blank expression and said "crib? what do you mean?" she looked at my cards and put a pair something or other down and then told me to cut the deck. I knew how to do that so it wasn't a total failure but then she told me to put my cards down, but not the five or ten cards. So I put down three cards and all I had left is a ten. so I told I just had a ten left and what should I do, she says to put it down. I was thinking "you just told me not to, I really don't get this game". Then she counts up something and moves the pegs. After a couple rounds like that I kinda quit.

Its 11:40,whats that, ten or twenty more minutes to go? I guess I am not going to be asleep by the time twelve comes around.

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