Sunday, December 30, 2007

Touching my fingertips

I think my sisters are slowly learning that leaving clothes and toys on the floor is not the greatest idea. Things that touch the floor normally are sucked into the dog crate after a few seconds, either to be slept upon or chewed. All Abby and Lizzy have to worry about is their stuff being slept on, my stuff on the other hand (and this has happened only twice and will never happen again) get chewed. Not the "lets see how this tastes" chew but the "man, I'm hungry! I so need to kill these pants and see how far I can get on shredding them before that human comes and scolds me" chew. I left a plastic ice cream bucket in her cage with her food so that she could eat when I had to leave, when I got back home tonight it was reduced to mere pieces by Puppy's canine teeth. I think I will get some metal dishes and then watch her eat and when she starts chewing on the dish I will chuckle gleefully at puzzled look on her face when the dish doesn't succumb to pressure.

We got timbits on the way home from church tonight and this Tim Hortans had only three jelly filled! Only three, so it was first come first serve when we got home. Elijah, Abby and I managed to get the jelly first and poor Liz and John were slightly miffed. Gwandle is a pain when it comes to eating chicken. I was making a chicken sandwich and she comes over sticking her stinky little paws by my mouth begging for a morsel of juicy chicken. She also knows when I am on the computer and comes over here and plops her self down on the keyboard demanding attention. Thankfully that is not the case tonight, but I know she will be around soon. Oh no, I just heard Abby saying hi to the kitty, that means she is nearby and is headed this way.

I like to surprise people be knowing the lyrics to a song they think I know nothing about and being able to sing it perfectly. I also surprise my self by being able to remember all the words to that song that has been stuck in my head pretty much all day. Its not a bad song, just the band who put it out (or the person who wrote it I should say) isn't the greatest. Its just this particular band writes songs that are so easy to memorize and they just get stuck in there and require a crane to haul out. Actually a lot of prayer, really. Hopefully nobody will ask me where I heard it because that is an awkward question and I obviously don't want to answer it.

Dad wants me to go to bed.


Joseph said...

sounds like you guys are having fun. and sarah ur not alone in the music problem, I have japanese songs stuck in my head. they aren't bad what they say but they sort of have a bit of a rocky tune. sadly some I like. but its not my life and its not ruining me in how I act.

sarah marie said...

evanescence isn't the greatest so thats why i am trying to delete their songs from my memory. it isn't ruining how i act, its just annoying that I have he same song stuck in my head all day.

Cathy said...

Joseph, what is it with you and all the Japanese stuff??? Well, here are the lyrics to a Japanese song:

Kaeru no utaga
Kiko e te kuroyo
Gua, gua, gua, gua
Gero, gero, gero, gero
Gua, gua, gua.

I am not sure if it's all spelled right. It's been over 20 years since I learned that one from my Japanese roommates in college.

Joseph said...

as I said. sadly. but its not a bad song in words and its not like unaccectable. but still it makes me feel like some what of a geek, im not but it just feels funny.