Sunday, December 16, 2007


I hate it when I accidentally delete a post, but oh well, I'll just start again.

My dog is an idiot. She decided to get on my bed after pleading at me. Now she all of a sudden wants down, and I cant get her off. I tried to entice her with a big fluffy pillow that needed chewed, I called her, bribed her with a piece of brownie and I even showed her how one gets off my bed since it is tricky. But she cowers in the by the wall refusing to budge, I'm thinking she remembers when I kicked her off the bed early in the morning when she insisted on chewing and licking and generally moving her big self around. So I guess she is scared or something. Now she is doing the high pitched doggy whistle known as "whine" but its not working.

I went over to Chelsea's today and we played board games. Survival requires teams, bingo is VERY boring even though I won, pictionary is fun when e play it with our rules and we also played a game called Scatagories. They showed me a video on youtube about wanting a hippo for Christmas. It was a song made in 1953 and sung by what sounded like a little kid. For supper I had chicken, potatoes, vegetables and a can of nice, cold root beer. That was good. I also watched Garfield on TV and that was strange. I never knew Jon had a brother that wore cute blue bunny PJ's and that they had parents. I guess we learn something new everyday.

Puppy has started barking now and her whining noise has increased. I am not going to help her, I refuse. She has to get down on her own, she needs to learn that what goes p must come down, on their own.

The storm has dumped a lot of snow and when I took the dogs out tonight they were getting buried in the drifts, especially Puppy who is smaller. I took some pictures but I kinda misplaced the camera, its either in my coat pocket or John took it again to take random pictures with.

I cant think of anything more to say but if I stop then I wont have anything else to do because I don't want to play Bibleopoly and I am not tired because caffeine loaded gum keeps a person awake just like a red bull. I love red bulls, they are so good but I hardly ever have them because they are loaded with 80 mg of caffeine and 1000 mg of taurine. The BlackBlack gum has only 5 mg of caffeine in them which is less then Jolt gum which has 12.7 mg in it. Hmmm, that makes me want to try it, maybe I'll find some on ebay or get Nate to get me some.


gogeph said...

some times as I say "dogs need a good kick" well I don't really do that(I don't have the will power to hurt a animal). and not to many people like it when there dog is hurt or to know that it was from the neighbours. kind of a bad witness.

sarah said...

I would kick her, but i cant bear that look she gives me. And also she wont trust me any more, and she is a good friend that i don't want to lose. I think Puppy knows me pretty well, and that is scary.

sarah said...

Actually I wouldn't be able to kick a dog, or any animal unless they were hurting me, I cant hurt people or animals I'd rather help them. Though I do tap her with a newspaper when needed.

gogeph said...

I don't like tree huggers. but I can't hurt an animal. its not me. though I may say it. my mom has said that even if I said mean things or threats. Its not me. in side me is all different.