Saturday, December 8, 2007

Roast beef sandwiches

Ahhhh, A new post. Breathe deeply and hope ideas about what to write will suddenly pop into your head.

I wonder what personality people would describe me as having. I changed the header on this blog, instead of boring words I have words. I case you can't read it, it says:

Warning: You may need to get new glasses. Don't let anyone forget you when you indulge in licorice at the locker that belongs to Davie.

I watched Flight 93 at Sarah's this morning. And we played BlackHawk2, Bejeweled, Super Granny, Sponge Bob mazes, Lemonade Tycoon2, Dinner Dash, FATE, and lots of other games on Nate's notebook. I had roast beef sandwiches for lunch and that was good.

Its only 8:55 right now, and its already December. Time flies so fast, I remember when I was 12 thinking that time went so slow and how long it would be until I could get my picture on my health card and learn how to drive. And now, in approximately 1,920 hours I will be 16. And I wish I could go back to 12 and not be so impatient and just slow down. Its always hurry, hurry, hurry and why cant somebody just say "whoa, hey guys stop", go read or sit in the rain or study snowflakes and marvel how God made every one different than the next. Or go look at a leaf and see all the veins and everything, or spend some time in prayer instead of washing evil window blinds. I dunno, it just seems that at the end of the day we (including me) are so tired we cant read even the bible or we are so tired we fall asleep praying or we are so cranky and we snap out at everybody. Sure, I know its not like that all the time.

Gwandle has three bluish gray stripes running down her neck and back that are so pretty. She is such a nice kitty and I wouldn't trade her for any other cat in th world. She is sitting on my lap trying to sleep but I keep having to get up and she is getting sore about it. She regards me as some weird thing with bead snakes and a comfortable bed that must obey her every last commend to the letter. I think she picked that up from Her Majesty McIntire. The only thing is, there can only be one cat queen and when the cat's sizes are unequal, McIntire gets the advantage. So my poor kitty is second in command, but not for long.

Well, I must stop now, Her Majesty Puppy awaits her food. Arrg, dogs!


gogeph said...

you played Fate. haha thats funny its the most boring game after like ten levels. I call it top sceen boredom. I like your cat too, but as you said you won't give away so to bad for me. at least it likes when I come over.

sarah said...

yeah, that game was quite boring, I played it for maybe a minute. Sorry, you can never have my cat.

Cathy said...

I have never seen a cat as cuddly and eager to be held as Miss Gwandle. Combing her for fleas was so fun. She just sat there like the queen she is, purring as I groomed her.

As for examining snowflakes: The weather for Thursday looks like the perfect time for big, fat flakes.

gogeph said...

can I borrow your cat. you know. keep it for a week or so. though I guess the answer is no. meany.

sarah said...

right, sure gogeph. could i borrow sammy?

gogeph said...

if you like cat spray all over your house due to sammy not knowing any of you.

sarah said...

Um, no thanks. I have enough trouble with the litter box and dog piles.