Monday, November 26, 2007


There once was a boy named Herteflunk
He lived in an old house that was sunk
Under ground. His fathers name was Hortmafloo
And they wore red, blueberries shoe
Thats right, shoe. You see the only had
One head. Everybody else had three, the were so sad
But other than that they were a normal two
The sun never shined and the grass was blue
The tress were yellow and Herteflunk never went to school
Instead he learned how to use a soolsing tool
Now a soolsing tool is for the art of trimming hair
Off unsuspecting dinosaurs who lived in the pond of Blair
Herteflunk got quite good at that until
One day, a mama apenockcronketer, (thats a pill
Shaped dinosaur) got mad, I mean really mad
And when apenockcronketer mamas get mad, bad bad
So I guess this is the end of my rhyme
Besides, I ran quite out of time


gogeph said...

um...... sure sarah. I give you a "T" for trying. An "E" for effort. and lol I am rotfl.

sarah said...

hahahahaha why are rolling on the floor laughing? is it that funny?:)

gogeph said...

well no but you know, its the kind of thing thats funny on its own, just for the sake of saying it.