Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jordadones and Peleteerars

If the Jordadones
Talked on telephones
That would be a site indeed
Because they talk with lightening sped
You wouldn't hear a word they said
And a headache you'd get in bed

If all the Peleteerars
Drove big SUV cars
Then the world would be a mess
Nobody would get any precious rest
Cause' they would be cleaning up wrecks
But, then of course they'd get big checks


gogeph said...

when I said poems I ment biblical. but your choice.

sarah said...

i thought thats what you meant, i have to work on that:) I am not so good at those kind.

gogeph said...

I'am horrible with words in every way, more than just spelling. thats why I hate writing reports. but I have to work on it, and mom doesn't stop trying, thank you prundence.

Cathy said...

Gogeph, you can't even spell your own mom's name?!?!?