Saturday, November 17, 2007

This is for today

I clean the church every Saturday, and this Saturday we were out of toilet cleaner. So Dad bought some, and when he gave it to me, the bottle felt loaded. The same feeling when you just shook a can of root beer and the can is all hard. So I was standing next to the boys bathroom door as I opened it, and it started bubbling over and sprayed on the door. I ran it to the sink before it got all over everywhere, but now there are strange marks on the door.

I went over to Chelsae's for a bit this afternoon and ate homemade oatmeal cookies with milk. That was good. Her family went to the Christmas parade tonight, and they wont be back until around 8. It has got to be so cold right now out there, especially if you are just standing around and not moving much. I hope it snows.

John washed my putty eraser so now I can chew on it again without worrying about what it has picked up. It's like chewing on a substance in between plasti-tac and gum, and it taste like art. Like a pencil and some paint mixed together. For some reason I like it, must be because I am not a normal sane person.

Puppy and Snickers tore their monkey into pieces this afternoon. You can see stuffing and brown fur strewn across the yard were they play. In Food Basics today, I saw a dog bone with little rubber spikes on it. It was called an aqua bone because you put water in it and as the dog chewed, the water would come out through little holes and clean the dogs teeth. Puppy could really benefit from having her teeth brushed. One sniff of here killer breath could knock out any fox that comes venturing into our yard.

Timmy just came over here with a two headed Lego man and declared that it was me. Brothers! He loves to play with Lego and he actually builds things. John like to play with Lego to and builds me lots of cars.

Bangladesh was hit by a cyclone/tornado again. An estimated 2.7 million people were affected and 773,000 houses were damaged. Roughly 250,000 head of cattle and poultry perished, and crops were destroyed on nearly 313 square kilometers of land. It's a pretty poor country (they just got poorer) and they seem to be prone to that sort of natural disaster.

Puppy is waiting on the porch for me, and she is hungry. Gotta go feed Her Majesty.


gogeph said...

cold out ha. i hope snows though. and um putty eraser.

Christy said...

i can't believe you're getting snow! i'm so jealous! it got up to 70 this afternoon!

Narindra said...

Hi Sarah,

The last time that I read this blog was when your mother sent me the link that you began a blog.
I found that your are regular.
Concerning Bangladesh, is it a challenge or ..., why do you want to go there?

sarah said...

Yeah, I try to write every day or night. The reason I want to go to Bangladesh is, first of all I really feel as though thats were the Lord wants me. And the other reason is that I want to be something like a nurse, particularly to women and children. I also want to fly a small plane (see my very first post) to more remote areas that may need medical care.