Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guess what? there isn't a title.

I would have written earlier but I was watching videos on youtube. I like the Britain's got talent show, and I like watching it. I mentioned that before.

I have been reading in history about all the delegates making the constitution. The author writes about how the summer that year was hot and since they had all the windows closed in the building they were meeting in, it must have been stifling. She says that since people believed then that baths were unhealthy, that the building must have stank. Can you imagine a bunch of sweaty, dirty men who were probably wearing wool suits meeting together in a closed room where conversations were heated? That must have stank! There was a note to the side mentioning something about a man putting up a shower in his backyard and then urging his wife to try it. The wife says that she faired well, considering that she hadn't gotten completely wet in 28 years. I have to memorize this for my history, even though I will most likely forget it soon afterwards. It's the preamble to the constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Biology is getting a little bit confusing, but I find that if I read slowly and read the same page several times than I get it. Today I was learning about osmosis and balanced chemical equations. This questioned seemed hard, but after dad explained it I got it, and then I felt silly because it was rather easy. Here is the equation:

C18H32O16 + 2H2O → 3C6H12O6

Here is the question: ___ molecule of C18H26O16 reacts with _____ molecules of H2O to make _____ molecules of C6H12O6.

I asked mom what kind of job she wouldn't mind me having. I DO NOT want to work at a pet store, thats just lame. A bakery is ok a guess, but I wouldn't like it. And a daycare wouldn't work because I find it hard to control myself when children aren't being disciplined properly. "He can't help it, she has the mind of a 3 year old, it's ok, they are just expressing themselves, don't worry we will give him his medication soon and then he will calm down".

I like goats, so I have until spring to research them and everything and then mom says she will help set me up. I have to figure out what people around here like about goats. Is it the wool, meat, cheese or milk? or maybe people want to buy actual, live goats. Of course we would have to build a barn of sorts, and fencing, and food and vet care and ca-ching,ca-ching! And then if everything works, I will start making profit. And then I can take a first responder course and drivers license and flight lessons and a year or two in Bible school, and yeah I think I am counting chickens before they hatch. Proverbs 3:5-6 come to mind. It's just I want to go to Bangladesh as soon as possible and I'm excited, and I can't wait to see what paths God will lead me down, and to see how He will work everything out if it's His will.

I have to stop now, dad didn't want me up until 11:00. It says I posted at 10:18, but it really is 10:56


Gogeph said...

It said in one of my history books that King George the 3 had only TWO BATHS HIS WHOLE LIFE!. And yes they would stink very bad. If I wanted to scare everybody away I think I would do something a little less health threatening.

sarah said...

no wonder people died so much. they were never clean. and thats probably why they shaved their hair off and wore wigs.

gogeph said...

My first day of work was... interesting. from 10:30 to 3:00 was boring because it was just watching a dvd and reading and answering guizs. after that it was good, worked with Kev at the grill. I got to do something ya.

sarah said...

What did Chris mean last night about flipping burgers and Vietnamese inspectors? What was the dvd about and how much do you get paid?

gogeph said...

I'll tell you what he meant friday. its to funny to say in words without ruining it. The dvd was from wecloming me to the wendys team(or family as it called it) to safety in EVERYTHING! to as called it "just being nice" to everyone working and eating at wendys. I think I am getting paid 7.50, what I found out was that its only over 8 dallars when you are over eight.

Prudence said...

You are getting more money when you are over 8 or when you over eat? Ha ha I know, I know... you mean over eighteen.
Remember.. don't touch the white spatula handle.

sarah said...

I was wondering if he had to be over 8 age wise. and I thought he was over 8. so once gogeph turns 18 he gets paid 50 cents more (if he is still working there)? whats the white spatula handle for?

Christy said...

if you're training for ministry work don't get a public job. been there...done that. God can provide much better for your needs than you can on your own. i had a public job from may to october. i made a little over $3,000. i worked all of the time, spent too much money, couldn't pay my bills, and got off of God's path for my life and had to drop most of my ministry classes and wasted six months.

when i FINALLY listened to God (and my parents, and my fiance, and my pastor...) and trusted God to provide for me as i followed the path he set aside for women, he blessed me with-

1)spiritual blessings beyond compare.

2)the blessing of being allowed to marry my love 6 months earlier than planned.

3)our ENTIRE wedding paid for without even a stretch.

4)a beautiful house, and a wedding shower that completely furnished it.

5)my future husband now has the ability to support us quite comfortably, without me having to trudge into the public workforce everyday.

A little word Sarah- the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. Working may seem exciting and great and all thinks wonderful, but it wears off REALLY quick. and then you're stuck with all of the bills accumulated during that time. just trust me.

jim elliot said, "wherever you are, be all there. live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God."

take this time at home and cherish it. it passes so quickly.

sarah said...
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sarah said...

thanks for that, I had been struggling, (just ask my mom) cause my parents didn't and still don't want me to work out side of my home and for a while I wanted to. It finally clicked that I should stay at home; if I did get a public job I am pretty sure it wouldn't have been God's will. I wonder what I would be now if my parents had allowed me to get a job when I first wanted to, which was quite a while ago. All the temptations out there would probably have messed me up and since I am still in school my studies would have suffered.I thank God that I have parents who don't let me have my way even if I "throw temper tantrums" about it. I didn't really, but I sure didn't take no easily, from them or God. Sigh.

sarah said...
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gogeph said...

why is it copied over and over. The white spatula is like don't touch the white if your the grill operator, If your the sandwhich operator than you don't touch red. because the grill operator is using raw meat. and the sandwhich operator is using ready to eat food and the chemicals of both mixed together cause sickness. which means less people coming.

sarah said...

I see

Cathy said...

Christy, we have never met (though I would love to meet you), but I REALLY appreciate who you are in my daughter's life. There are NO Christian girls in her circle of friends, her age or otherwise. She enjoys your blog, is disappointed that Esther doesn't write on hers, and longs for the summers she gets to go to a church camp in Pennsylvania where she can fellowship with Christian girls her age whose parents are as "strict" as we are! ;)

Pray for us. Sarah needs female fellowship of the Christian kind. But then again, God knows what Sarah really needs, and He knows why He has withheld this type of friendship from her.