Saturday, November 3, 2007


This is what I do when I'm waiting to use the computer, I take pictures 'till the batteries die on the camera. The first is just nonsense and the second is supposed to show how orange and light blue contrast. BY the way, how do you like my shoes? They are not like tiny tim's shoes; they were the pair right next to them. I like dark shoes because they don't show dirt as fast as light colored ones.

People are playing Monopoly right now. For some reason I don't like that game, its too slow and everybody talks and talks and nothing gets done and the game drags on and on.

So yesterday night went well. I can hardly believe this myself, but I played Teenage mutant turtles on Ethan's game boy. We had Milano's pizza for supper and I had English breakfast tea with four spoonfuls of sugar. later I had chocolate milk. Then I had some candy. For breakfast I had chocolate chip waffles (with Aunt Jemima) milk and Ethan gave me some more candy. Elijah was mesmerized by Bugs Bunny and the Tweety show, it was funny to watch him stare at the TV with his mouth open and watch it.

I can't think of much to write. Who wouldn't mind if I deleted the songspot? I kinda got tired of it.

By the way, we get an extra hour tomorrow!


Christy said...

Love the shoes!

sarah said...

thank you, I like my shoes too. I like the fact that they are not falling apart and that the laces are long enough to tie, not knot.

Melissa said...

Does your Momma know you are eating so much sugar Sarah?!?!?! I wouldn't sleep for a week.

And I agree about the shoes, dark colors last much, much longer.

Tiny Tim said...

They look like my old ones. but I've gone through a lot of shoes of that type. And I said to sarah not to eat it, but its to adicting for her. Same for me sometimes to.

Sarah said...

Yea, they were the pair you had last time, but walmart never gets any new styles of shoes so it gets hard. All I could do was make sure I didn't get the same pair you have now.

Melissa, my mom says she hasn't seen any behavior change (I just kept myself under control)and she also said that she was never as thin as I was at my age.

Tiny Tim said...

I got a different type when I went on wednesday. funny isn't it?