Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mars bar and potato chips

I'm sorta bored so I am posting twice. I feel like somebody hit my head with a baseball bat and is continually shining a flashlight into my eyes. Plus my nose is quite stuffed and I'm coughing. I could use some potato chips and a Mars bar with peanuts right now. Speaking of candy, Chelsea was hyper today but she says thats how she normally is. Which is true, she always is hyper just today she was more hyper. Chelsea says she got about a pillowcase and a half of candy. WOW. I don't get that much in an entire year! I made blueberry/walnut pancakes today for supper. I cracked and picked out the walnuts and got the blueberries out of the freezer. Then I rewrote a recipe so that it would feed my family. Then I ground some wheat since we were out of flour. As I got the bucket to put the flour in down, I knocked over the container of soybeans. I watched them spill over the floor and marveled at how much dust was in them then finished grinding wheat. Timmy had just gotten up from his nap and declared he would help pick up the soybeans, which meant, I later found out, that he would grab a handful of beans and carry them into his room, then drop them.

Right now John is walking on the table while Lizzy and Abby are trying to make button/bead dolls. Timmy, who happens to be wearing only a diaper (his sleeper is around his ankles 'cause John pulled it down) has a small dowel rod that he is hitting himself with as he gleefully climbs on the table. Ben is pouring glue on the table for no reason and smearing it around with his finger. John now has a flyswatter and is hitting all the "flies", meaning his brothers. Now Lizzy, following Ben's example, is pouring glue on the table. John and Timmy are rooting through the fridge, while Abby is yelling at Lizzy to stop wasting the glue.

The kitten seems to be not so jumpy now. Earlier I was vacuuming up dirt and cat litter in my room while Gwandle watched. The noise seemed to have bothered her for a bit because for a while she was very jumpy and when I moved my foot the teeniest bit she jumped. It was rather funny actually. Now Elijah is putting Timmy's sleeper on backwards because he (Timmy) keeps taking it off. John is folding Nate's clothes because he knocked them over, on purpose.

We may bew watching a DVD about 1812 so I'd better get off the computer. Not that I'm actually on it, well you know what I mean.


Cathy said...

You make it appear as though there was no parental supervision happening around here. You didn't mention that mom and dad were having a conference during the gluing and that mom was at the library during the soybeaning. I don't know where dad was then, but he's still got a cold and is somewhat brain dead.

Tiny Tim said...

Have fun with that.