Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today is not tomorrow but it was so yesterday,

And yesterday I know that I could not wait for today.
But yesterday was then “today.”
Today’s tomorrow’s yesterday.
And now I’m so confused that I have nothing else to say.
Gregory K.

Today was Abigail's birthday, she is now nine. Lets see, she got a piggy bank with a key from Elijah, a remote control ATV and a flashlight from Nate, some sewing stuff (like pins, cloth, ribbon, batting and scissors) from mom, Bob the Builder blocks from John and Timmy (I think the boys had themselves in mind when they picked that out), some pencils, highlighters, eraser and paper pad from Ben, a CD player with headphones from Dad, a froggy webkinz from Chelsae, two dollars and a card from Ethan and I made her cake.

Timmy just came over here holding Gwandle around the neck, singing, "Lanle, Lanle, Lanle, Lanle"

So Abby Lizzie and I went with Mom to the Hotel Dieu Hospital. We spent enough time in the waiting room before mom was called for me to read two nature friends, one readers digest and one magazine that I don't remember the name. After mom left I spent time staring at the wall trying to read the CPR procedures that were posted there. Then I read a brochure about how to stop smoking and a magazine on how to be a better farmer. Then I just sat and stretched and stared at nothing. All this time Abby and Lizzie were alternating between sitting on the chairs, playing with a toy that I don't know the name of and eating those big rocket like candies. After we were called we got to go see the baby, this time I was actually able to distinguish his features and he looked like a baby, not a lump of blob. I could see his lags and arms moving around, and see his spine and the black circles that were his eyes and little feet. It was pretty cool, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that my soul knoweth right well" And if you noticed, the baby is a boy.

Now, I need to go finish playing a Monopoly game, I am winning. hehehehe

At 10:07 I lost, and I don't want to play Monopoly for several more years. You know the last time I won? That was when I still lived in New York.


Tiny Tim said...

Hahahahahaha Thats along time to keep losing. I see ur point about not wanting to play again for long time too.

sarah said...

the only reason I won that game was cuz I landed on the kitty. There was so much money in there that we had started making a second pile cuz the first was falling over. Yesd that is a lnog time losing, I am getting tired of it. mabe I'll play against Elijah and Ben (NOT Josiah) and then we will see who wins.

Tiny Tim said...

Always try to find the cheap way right? hehe.

sarah said...

It's not that cheap. I'd be playing a real game, just without a real competitor. I can be persuasive at times with Elijah and Ben though, so it will be an easy game for me.

Tiny Tim said...

Ya like here's a 100 dollars for a 1000 dollar trade. I call that cheap. er. rip off.