Wednesday, November 7, 2007


by Carl Sandburg

This face you got,
This here phizzog you carry around,
You never picked it out for yourself,
at all, at all - did you?
This here phizzog-somebody handed it
to you - am I right?
Somebody said, "Here's yours, now go see
what you can do with it."
Somebody slipped it to you and it was like
a package marked:
"No goods exchanged after being taken away."
This face you got.

Don't worry, I'll post something of more interest later.


Tiny Tim said...

I dojn't get it? please what does it mean?

Tiny Tim said...

Don't get I mean

Sarah said...

what dont you get?

Tiny Tim said...

Ok I get it now sry about that when I first read it my brain was not working. I also did not read it to well. I sort of jumped around, then tryed reading it again and didn't get it.

Tiny Tim said...

I thought you were going to write something more today.

sarah said...

i am, later. way later. and i deleted one of my comments.

Pru said...

It is later sooooooo.

sarah said...

yeah,yeah I'm working on it:)