Monday, November 12, 2007

The story of the fly

When I went up to the ponds today with Puppy I saw a big turtle. It's shell was about the size of a dinner plate, making it the biggest live turtle I've ever seen. I tried to catch it, but it swam farther away and I didn't want to wading up to my waist, considering the fact that the pond is covered with ice and the water is freezing. That was a long sentence. I got some aquatic weeds, rocks and a piece of bog wood for my fish tank. It looks strange now, like a mix between old and new. I have plastic plants and bright blue, red and yellow rocks mixed with natural plants and rocks so it looks lopsided. I got a guppy from Ben and it spend most of its time hiding in the flowerpots at the bottom of the tank. I guess it is scared it will get eaten by its larger fish mates or at least nibbled on.

There is a ladybug crawling on the desk. I put my finger in front of it and it stops moving, when I remove my finger it starts going again. It really went this time, I just orbited it into space with a satisfying crunch. If I had bat ears I might have been able to hear it scream. There is an unsuspecting fly crawling on the desk now. It doesn't know that a ladybug perished here just mere seconds ago. Oh well, ignorance is no excuse, smack! It's guts are falling out as it franticly tries to crawl to safety. Oh no! A mammoth log (a pencil) is pinning it to the desk, it flails it's legs in a last attempt to escape this terrible judgment. As it's would be killer uploaded pictures of the horrendous crime it escaped! But alas, one stab from the pencil point has ended everything.

Timmy loves Gwandle too much. He picks her up by the neck and carries her around. And John will stuff her into drawers and laundry baskets and then stand there going "hehehehehe" while looking at me. Then he will proudly exclaim "Rarah! Rarah!, Wook, I put the kitty in the waunkry bakit." or " The kitty ih in the woor, Iwnt that funny? hahahaha" Then I glare at him and tell him to take the poor kitty out and leave it alone. He thinks it is so funny and walks off chortling to himself.

I was reading about Nathan Hale today in history. The drawing of his hanging looked a bit romanticized and for some reason there was a woman holding up a baby at Nathan, like what you would see in paintings of Moses and the snake. You know, where the snakes are bitting the Israelites and they all have to look at the bronze serpent to live. Its funny seeing pictures if fat, rolly-polly people, when they were most likely skinny, hard working people.

People are playing Monopoly again. It sounds like Elijah is loosing and Ben is winning, while Josiah is in between. Elijah and Ben get hyper at night, especially when playing games. Here is one excerpt:
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewhowhowhowho!!!!!!! 100 and 16 dollars with 11 to spare!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!


Bakka'na said...

That was some story........ ya....? poor kitten I hope it lasts longer than your others cats did.

sarah said...

Are the taking about the fly story? I had fun with that poor fly. She has started defending herself, but otherwise she plays dead.

Tiny Tim said...

Plays dead I think you mean is dead.

sarah said...

funny:) yeah, she will be dead soon