Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am in the process of cleaning my room today, but I needed a break. It is very easy to clean without my younger sisters in there because they like to save things from the garbage. I understand that they have trash (in my eyes) that they would call "treasure", that maybe they could keep, but they also have little snippets of paper, tin cans, toilet paper tubes, moldy dolls that look like they have gray chicken pox, short pieces of hairy yarn (and I mean real hair, not a kind of yarn), broken toys that don't work any more and mega blocks. I just now looked down at the key board to see what kept sticking to my wrist, and I found a piece of gum.

Josiah got a trial version of Sim City 2000, and its pretty cheap. It's really pixeled looking and well, I like the newer version better. Whats funny though is that after 25 minutes disaster start hitting your town. Ben had a volcano come out of nowhere in the middle of the city!

I wish I got more important emails than just boring newsletter from people I don't know, hallmark adds and other such nonsense. Every once and a while I get emails from my grandparents, my mother or Heather but not very often. I do have more emails that my younger siblings, so I guess I could be glad about that. I have 244 spam emails in my horseluver227 account; I just decided to stop deleting them.

It has been raining today so I didn't do much, except my puzzles. I got 11 brand new puzzles (all one set) from Value Village yesterday, and I have one done and two in progress. I was working on the one with my mom and the other in my room. The one my mom is doing, I wont tell her what it is, I told her she has to put the puzzle together to find out.

I was talking about moldy dolls to my mom, as she was writing a grocery list. Josiah then told me about some moldy dog treats he had thrown out, and mother, (who was listening to the conversation) for some reason almost wrote "ape food" on the list. She then started laughing and declared that she was going bananas. She was laughing so hard she was crying and couldn't see right so she wrote blueberries wrong.

We played pictionary, all together, and that was hilarious. The pictures people draw are so funny, and its amazing they were actually guessed. Dad had to draw Charles Lindbergh, Josiah guessed something like "an island sinking with palm trees and mountains and a sun and the man is standing there watching."


gogeph said...

pictionary interesting... it turns out to be who can draw the guickest picture and still be able to know what it is. funny game most of the time.

sarah said...

you commented! wonderful, I dont know if you were working today,but the crockers were at wendys today.

gogeph said...

I was un able to with the comp logged off. but I have a cord so i can still us it. no I didn't work to much snow, not to many people came.

gogeph said...

I was un able to with the comp logged off. but I have a cord so i can still us it. no I didn't work to much snow, not to many people came.