Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today I woke up to "Get up, quick! look out the window, hurry, hurry! It'll melt soon, get up! Get up!" Of course Lizzie and Abby were excited, but since this is my 15-16 winter I could have slept more. So I got up and let the dogs out to play, since everybody knows that dogs love snow. They freaked at first; it was like "Whats this?! It is cold under my paws, leave me alone I am going back to my blanket" Then Puppy realized that this was the same white stuff she loved last year, and she went running. She managed to get Snickers excited too, but at first if dogs could roll their eyes he would have been doing that.

I vacuumed and washed my bedroom floor today. I may have not done that, but I decided that Puppy needed a bath. I told my mom that she wouldn't pee on the floor at all, and I would keep her in my room until she had dried and nobody would know Puppy was in the house. You know the very first thing she did when she got inside? And after I managed to get her washed (the water was black by the way, when I was done) what did she do three times when I put her in my room? Puppy is no longer a inside dog, she is big enough that if she jumps up, her paws are on my bed and thats the top bunk. Then she started eating cat food and rummaging through the trash can and attacking the broom and jumping on Abby's bed and chewing on an old baking soda container and drinking fish tank water and chewing Lizzie's coat and annoying me. All at the same time.

It's nice to not have to do school at all this week. I started a blue-jean rug and put glue on the back of a dolphin puzzle so that I could hang it on the wall. I listened to Sleepy Time Lullabys (the one with good night Emily) and some of the songs on that tape are really nice, I was pleasantly surprised.

After prayer meeting tonight I had a nice snowball fight (a fight to hit Joseph, since he is so good at dodging) with Elijah and Joseph. John hit me to, and Timmy tried but he needs to work on aim but at least he tried. I am going to practice hitting targets so I can better my aim, I will start with stationary objects, such as a telephone pole or a person standing still and then go to moving objects like silly seagulls and fleeing brothers. Hopefully the kids will not have to go to school tomorrow, and we can all play together.


gogeph said...

what in the world is DOLPHIN mean. it doesn't have any meaning with what you wrote. ya for snow. no school. no work. wait i'm homeschooled. bah.

sarah said...

i think i mentioned something about a dolphin puzzle that i put glue on. hahaha too bad you are homeschooled, i got nates laptop and it is great. i like the pen the best.

gogeph said...

sry quick scim of what you wrote.

Cathy said...

There once was a preacher's daughter who started a snowball battle after church one Sunday night. Balls flew thick and fast--until one hit someone's windshield and broke a wiper. That officially ended after-church snowball battles for all time.

Guess who was 17 and should have known better.

Darth Nemoyer said...

Aww. Snickers always used to get *really* enthused about the snow. He is probably getting bored of it with age just like you, though. Has he gotten any good snows to play in this year?