Sunday, January 27, 2008

10 min left

This is probably going to be an extremely short post unless I get the "bedtime" revoked or extended.

Dad finally finished Hebrews tonight after many years of going through it. I may not remember everything he talked about these past years but all the notes in my bible will help; I have really benefited from Hebrews even though some nights I may have been sleepy and I cant wait to see what book he goes into next.

I was given a nice stretchy rubber band and a little bit ago I snapped an unsuspecting victim who jumped because they were startled. That was funny, really funny, for me. Not him. Hehehe.

McIntire was sleeping on my new belt! The little flubbery ball of furry laziness and smelly cat faced blob of black fur. Why doesn't that cat realize that if I don't want it sleeping on my shirt and if I don't want it sleeping on my new blanket then I obviously don't want it sleeping on my belt. She thinks she owns everything including us humans, she bosses the hand that feeds her and that is dangerous. Sometimes she will lead us into the bathroom and she wont stop meowing until we rearrange the food in her dish so that it looks different. And at two in the morning she demands to be let out of the room (where she wasn't invited) and has us let her out. And if we don't get up and let her out then she will meow and meow louder and louder until A. we let her out or B. we put all the pillows and blankets over our head, tell the cat to shut up and turn the fan full blast. Unfortunately A normally wins because you just cant silence a desperate cat.

Chelsea was tired this morning (there was know sarcasm in the tired) so she didn't go to church, amazingly the skidoos woke her up. She looked rather cautious as she drove the skidoo, and I was tempted to yell at her to go faster. But that may have been distracting, so I didn't.

Well this is all for tonight, I have to go to bed in ten minutes anyways and thee are other things I wish to do if I can squeeze them all into ten minutes.


Cathy said...

A. also normally wins with us because we don't want a mess to clean up. So, if she's meowing at us at 4 a.m., your dad usually mutters, "oh, that cat!" and lets her out.

Also, in winter she prefers to go "out" in the cellar. I learned the hard way to close the door to the study when going down to do laundry. I don't like chasing That Cat around the cellar trying to catch her. She never runs from me, she just manages to stay one arm's length away from me as she wanders around looking for a good spot to use.

URGGGG! Cats! What good are they, anyway? They don't catch mice, and they plunk themselves down in the middle of whatever you are doing, insisting that you pay attention ONLY to THEM.

Queens of Sheba, that's who they think they are.

Joseph said...

Cats a good for comfort and when there is no one to squeeze they come in handy.

zorg said...

how true, they are cuddly comforting creatures with a bossy attitude.

cathy said...

If you want something cuddly, comforting and squeezable, why not get a teddy bear? And if you want one that purrs, I think they sell vibrating bears.

zorg said...

do they sell live teddy bears?

Puppy is realy good at being comforting, somehow she know when its time to be bouncy and when it is time to be quit and let me pet her. Its scary the way she knows how I feel.

zorg said...

i meant quiet not quit

good as gold said...

funny it hurt