Monday, January 21, 2008


Its been a few days since I last wrote, so I figured I should make a new post. I wanted to write yesterday but by the time I got a chance to use the computer it was time for bed and I wanted to write Saturday but Joseph was over and he was sleeping in the living room.

I had the weirdest dream last night, it was so strange and I actually remembered it, so here it is:

There were eight brothers who lived in this huge castle like building. Somehow they had angered the wind and rain queen who then declared that each brother would have to make a journey by themselves in a fragile canoe while she poured all her anger out. If the brothers all made it back to the castle without dying than the queen wouldn't be mad at them any more. So after seven of the brothers made their journeys, and they all came back safely the queen put a curse on them and turned them into animals; chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels and rats. Then the queen said that the eighth brother (who was the youngest) had to find the white lady and bring her back to the castle in order to break the curse. So the eight brother finds the white lady on a very big raft and tells her that she needs to come and break the curse, which she does and then all the brothers are free again.

I did five math lessons today and when I get done writing I have another test to do. It was an incredibly short chapter all about adding x's. Stuff like 5x plus 3x = 24. So hard, not.

Dad is working on the dog house. Yippee, now Puppy will be out of my room! Mom also said he may work on the mold in my room, so maybe tomorrow morning it wont smell so bad in there.

I may write more tonight, right now I need to do more school.


Joseph said...

thats a weird dream. I think that may be the problem in my room, the mold. If you wanted to write a post that night you should have told me. I would have waited. or went to sleep somewhere else.

zorg said...

oh well, I'll remember that next time. besides, my mom said that it was either computer or pictionary and I chose pictionary.

booer said...

Was that dream a sign,or something?

zorg said...

no, i don't think so. who are you anyways?

booer said...

Why do I have to tell you?you will find out sooner or later.