Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I never make new years resolutions because I never keep them more than a day or two. Besides, I can only handle a few "must do right nows" (or must do this year) at a time and I currently have enough to last me until I go to Bangladesh, Lord willing. The "must do right nows" that I have are, (and they are listed in order of when they came to mind)

  1. Keep my room clean longer than one day, I have been working on that one for as long as I can remember.
  2. Study more biology so that I can pass and then I wont have to do biology again, I'll just have chemistry.
  3. Read the entire Bible, I've never done that before surprisingly.
  4. Keep up with my studies and quit taking breaks for no reason except that I am to lazy to keep doing it.
  5. Be a better witness for the Lord, and a better sister to my siblings.
  6. Develop more patience, especially when siblings torture Puppy by standing next to her with a cookie, causing Puppy to bark in the morning when I am not awake and don't want to be awake.
  7. Get a better relationship with my dad going.
  8. Write a letter to Jessica before she thinks I've dropped of the face of the earth.
  9. Pray more.
  10. And finally, I would really like to go to Bangladesh.

So, thats ten things that I would like to do and some that I need to do, and I don't feel like adding anything more at this point in time.

I played monopoly with Chelsea, Ethan and their mom, and it got a little boring at the end because we were all more interested in Tweety and the Pudycat than playing a game. Its cold enough outside to freeze the inside of your nose. I didn't take Puppy for a walk today because I didn't feel like walking on the skidoo trail and having my knee bother me the rest of the day because of the cold. So I just let her run around lose and she and Snickers had a fun time wrestling in the snow. I actually wore a hat today to. Its getting a little hard to write with Gwandle on the keyboard so I think I'll stop.


Josiah said...

"Keep up with my studies and quit taking breaks for no reason except that I am to lazy to keep doing it."

Um, yeah I'll be working on that too.

Joseph said...

haha Cold outside. haha wearing a hat. I think you need to toughen up about the cold.

sarah marie said...

yeah yeah whatevah. you don't walk a dog in the wind.

Narindra said...

May you go there if you're yet a minor?

The last time that you sent your comment is at 1:08AM. Do you sleep sometimes Sarah :-).

sarah marie said...

we thought about visiting young me (spell) one summer, but yeah, I am a minor so i would probably go with someone. Is that what you were talking about?

I do sleep, I was just up early last night. Time flies.

Point 10. said...

Ah ok, I see. So you will visit the area. Bangladesh and Nagalan are not the same country but you are right, it's in the same area.

(I asked you a question and...) I answer to myself.

I wish that you will understand this kind of english :-).

From I was young until the age of 25 (I feel old when I look at your age), I heard in my grand-father's preaching this passage: ”But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Jud├Ža, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. ”.Acts 1.8. I believe it as if God speaks to me.
In 2000, I decided to send an application to Laval University (in Quebec City). I have already sent there one in 1997 and I was allowed but I didn't have enough money for my fees so I left in Madagascar. Fortunately, in 2000, they accept my application again to do master in Food Science. So, I go to my room and I talk to my God: ”I want to go to Canada and be witness other there. If you will Lord, arrange all things”. My mom is a widow and has already taken care of us 3 (I have one brother and one sister) until the end of our university study. She didn't have enough money nor myself. But I've the assurance that the Lord will answer my request and I don't know how and when but it will happen.
A professor at Laval university had a kind of subvention for her research. She searched a student and could pay fees, housing and foods. But she had to put it in front of her office at least one month (it's the law). Unfortunately, nobody came and she was very upset. It is not common because many students search scholarship. She heard that there is someone in Madagascar allowed at the master program but very poor, don't have money to pay his fee. So she contacted me by e-mail if I want to do master in Canada. I have to note that she has never known me before and I came from a very poor country (not as poor as Bangladesh but very poor as well). That is how I was coming in Canada.
Why I tell you that because it can happen in our life that we have a call. There are different kinds of call but we have to go to our room and talk to our God his will. He is wise and powerful so He will give us in his time what is better for us which is not necessarily what we think. Pray and wait quietly (with peace that He will give what is better). Most of the time, the call is unrealistic and even our brother in Christ (include myself) may discourage us involuntarily, but it is not a matter. Look at our Lord Jesus Christ and the storm appaises. That is what the apostle did in the ship (Mark 4.38-39).

Bye Sarah.


sarah marie said...

Pray and wait quietly, I think I will do more of that. And I did understand your English:) Oh, and how did you come up with point ten?

Joseph said...

I'm just kidding, and I don't walk a dog in the wind but you don't have to bring wood in every day and you don't have to take the garbage out from Wendy's and from home. you also don't have to walk more than a block to get to your friends house. but as I said I'm just kidding.

sarah marie said...

I think walking to the end of our road and back (long ways) almost every day is the equivalent to all you do. Especially when its Puppy who is taking me for a walk/run. But anyways, you were just kidding.

Narindra said...

Excuse me if just now I can answer.
Actually, you've mentioned Bangladesh in your tenth point (Don't be afraid, I can count and normally, I begin by one):-)

sarah said...

lol, I see.