Sunday, January 6, 2008


I like the smell of rain and spring and brownies. I like looking at sunsets and snow falling and clouds. I like hearing thunder and babies cooing and wind. I like touching baby rabbits fur and fleece blankets and dirt running through my fingers. I like tasting fresh strawberries and sour worms and hamburgers.

I wish I had my guinea pigs because I loved to hold them and feed them broccoli while the whistled and grunted. They loved baths and their lower lip would droop like a horse with pleasure. And I would scratch their heads and they would go "wheeeeet! Wheeeet! Wheeet!" and and their little bodies would quiver with excitement. I cant wait until spring when all the sassy little foals come and the frolic around the pasture and stare at you from underneath their mamas with big brown eyes. And they get so close that you can almost touch their soft nose then they whirl off and hide while the older horses look at them with utter boredom. Its fun to go up to the pond in the summer and lay back in the grass and listen to the frogs conversing with each other (ok, I know thats not what they are really doing, but thats what it sounds like) and you can hear an occasional fish jump and its so quiet and peaceful. Or sitting on the dock at camp, early in th morning when there is mist over the river and listening to loons call back in forward that beautiful but haunting call of theirs. I like holding the babies while they chatter away in French to "madam" and I have to pretend that I understand everything they say and nod my head and say "oui, oui" over and over. And sometimes they look at me funny because I was supposed to say "non" and then they start laughing and I laugh along.

I hate it when I make someone cry and I just want to crawl in a hole somewhere and hide, especially when it is a little kid. I heard this song once and I liked the chorus a lot so I got it on the internet and changed it around a little. I couldn't change it to much because its probably copy written, so

I understand that there are some problems, and I am not too blind to know, all the pain that I caused you, even though you might not show. If I can't apologize for being wrong then it’s just a shame on me. I’ll be the reason for your pain, you can put the blame on me.

Thats for the two people who I have probably caused the most pain for, (my parents of course) there have been so many times when I should have apologized but I didn't, I should have shut up but I didn't.


Cathy said...

Sarah, I have been praying for God to change ME. He is, little by little. I make so many mistakes as a mother. God is changing and growing you, too.

I'm glad you started this blog. For some people, writing is easier than talking. But I still like talking, too. It's faster. :)

Cathy said...

By the way, you don't cause me that much pain!

Joseph said...

Sarah I have felt some of the worst pain because I hurt someone, it not a nice thing. and I know what you mean about hide in a hole. I also like just stopping in the middle of the day and just thinking about what he made, its refreshing.

sarah said...

I know I can't cause that much, but I couldn't change the words too much.