Monday, January 7, 2008


I started another blog to post all my pictures and drawings on, there is a link to it, and its called zorg. I don't really have that much to write, but I have thought that before and then wrote a long post. So I'll just think for a minute and then I will write, just nobody move because I dropped me brain.

I read a lot of history today, and its really stupid how Andrew Jackson took all the Indian's (Native Americans) land away from them. He said he couldn't do anything about, but really he didn't want to do anything about it. One Indian leader said that when the white men came the were like a small tree that needed sheltered and watered and taken care of, so his people did that. When the white people got bigger (there were more of them) they still looked after them and didn't make war with them, but now these white people are like a mighty oak and it is the once towering pine that needs the shelter and care. But instead the oak drove off its former protector, and that if it wasn't for his people the whites wouldn't have survived. Its funny, I learned today that freed slaves owned slaves. I always knew that black people, all kinds of people actually, owned slaves, it was a common thing in every country and nation. But I just never thought that freed slaves would turn around and have slaves themselves, wouldn't they know what it was like and not own slaves?

We had spaghetti for supper with whole wheat noodles. I've had whole wheat noodles before, but these were flat, it was strange. Have you ever tried eating playdough? It the most repulsive icky stuff, but at the same time that salt taste good. I know, I am so weird to even taste it but I am not a normal sane person. Its as bad as chewing on rubber bands. Abby has a fluish sickness and I want to open the window tonight. It gets so hot in my room, but I am afraid to make her worse, but maybe it would help because then my room wouldn't fill up with her germ infested breath and make Liz and I sick. It just gets so hot in there at night and I wake up all sweaty and I cant go to sleep.

I am wanted to make cookies. Gotta go.


Joseph said...

dropped ur brain hahahahaha I know what you got that

sarah marie said...

first time i heard it i thought it was so funny for some reason. i dont think my mom knows where i got it.

Cathy said...

"i dont think my mom knows where i got it."

If you hadn't made that statement, I wouldn't have cared. Now you've made me wonder what you're into now.

sarah marie said...

you make it sound like i get into a lot of bad stuff. i got that from the pirate movie that chelsea and i were watching.

Cathy said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound that way. You know what? I'd much rather have you be rebellious out in the open than sneaky. Not that I think you're sneaky. I don't think that at all. It's just that I'd rather know for sure that my children are being bad than have them be bad in secret and look like they're being good. Not that I think you're being bad in secret. I don't think that. This comment is starting to seem confusing. Hopefully you will understand what I mean. :)

Joseph said...

Wow even I couldn't make it sound that confusing. hehe