Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I stretched my leg playing tag today and Puppy is bewildered as to why I wont run with her. I tied her outside and there is this circle of trampled snow that looks comical. I am holding McIntire as I write, in the winter she turns into this big cuddly cat that loves being held but in the summer she is a wildcat. I love holding her right after she has come inside and her fur is all cold and she sits on my lap purring and purring.

I think I'll take a walk tomorrow and enjoy the snow and the cold, crisp air. And I wont take Puppy because she practically tries to pull my arm off.

I'm in that weird mood that produces insane poetry and Pablo Picasso type drawings. And at the same time my brain is dead. Sigh.

I didn't do very much school today, for one thing I was watching a DVD that I got at the library, and it is a long DVD, I have to finish it before Thursday. And the other reason was that I had to keep an eye on the kids with my parents gone and I cant do much studying when Tim and John are using their vocal talents in a way that produces way too much noise. Maybe a 3.7 on the richter scale.

Abby and I made supper and the hamburger gravy actually was gravy not soup this time even though I forgot to drain the meat. My dad was so preoccupied that I don't think he really noticed though.

Little Aaron died today. I don't know what I would do if one of my little brothers died, or any of my siblings for that matter. Pray for Jill and the Underwoods and the rest of their family, the Lord may use this to save.

Can you believe I actually wrote all that in twenty minutes? Normally it would take me way longer.


Joseph said...

Thank you Sarah for your prayers and thank the rest of the family too from me.

CresceNet said...

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sarah said...

ok, um I don't know Portuguese. maybe I'll just delete that comment.

Cathy said...

Yes, do that.