Saturday, January 5, 2008

Little pieces

These days have been filled with babies, dishes, laundry, washing dishes, cleaning rooms, friends, and dogs. People got mad at each other today and of course it was over me. The conversation went something like this:

Them: I know your deepest dark secret
Me: blablablabla
Them2: I dont have a deep secret
Them: Yes you do, don't play dumb
Me: blablablabla
Them: Everybody knows, you said it
Them2: no I don't, I don't know what you are talking about
Me: blablalbla, sigh
Them: Lets tell Elijah, hes like the only one we haven't told
Them2: What are you talking about!!!
Them: We cant tell, its a secret
Me: I need to go home soon
Them: She likes you more than me
Them2: What! I do not
Them: Yes you do, I heard you say it
Them2: I did not!
Me: Um, guys. . .
Them: Everybody knows, you said it, they said it, she said it, he said it
Them2: I don't!
Elijah: Sarah, can you come help me?
Me: Yes! bye guys!

I don't feel the greatest and I am tired, so this is it.


Joseph said...

Funny how people talk and act these days. they say what ever pops into there head.

sarah marie said...

Funny how they get so mad at each other then they are best friends the next day.

Cathy said...

Sarah, I've got a sweet idea. I'd share it here, but certain people might read it and spoil the fun. :) See me later.