Friday, January 25, 2008

mini golf

I have a sore throat and I hope it doesn't get worse. Puppy chewed Nate's phone line (much to the amusement of the repair guy), but thankfully that wasn't the cause of the problem. A few hours after the guy left John (Sarah's dad) came down and said his phone wasn't working. So the repair guy fixed Nate's problem and made a new problem. Timmy is over here opening and closing the drawer of the desk with a rubber band; its funny how little things fascinate babies but annoy older people. Now he is trying to snap me with it, I wonder where he learned that from. . .

My math is so easy it irks me so bad. I don't know why Greg Sabouri decided that us poor high schoolers needed to do six or more problems (that are basically the same) per lesson when we have other, more interesting things that we wish to study. For instance, in todays lesson I had ( there is a picture on Zorg's happy world) to do six of problems like this one,

3(x-4) + 2x = 18

x happens to equal six in case your wondering.

Then there are simplifying problems like this one and I had six of them,

-7 + 3(x-2) + 5

That simplified is 3x - 8

Then I have silly word problems like,

Translate the word problem into an equation then solve:
The second rate super hero and his arch enemy, Melvin the Minor Menace, started 700 miles apart and flew straight toward each other in their jet propulsion packs. It took 5 hours for the two to meet. if the superhero's speed was 10 mph slower than the Menace's speed, what was the Menace's speed?

Thats tomorrows lesson so nobody tell me the answer. Its not like I can figure it out right now though.

I have been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its an interesting book. A little bit of hesitation there in the interesting because I've read better books. All this reading about root beer on peoples blogs makes me want one but the nearest convenience store isn't exactly in comfortable walking distance and I don't think anybody would drive me down there just to get a drink. There is this computer game we have that is very popular in this family, its called mini golf. Well I was playing it and you have to get below per to open up another course. I thought, "this will be so easy, its a kids game and I can just go and open up all the locked levels" It didn't turn out that way at all. That game is so frustrating, so I just quit.


Joseph said...

Ya I gave up on golf a good while back. to bothersome. I have never see a word problem that weird. Super hero. come on. grow up. I had a swimming teacher who would act as if we were in the first grade level of it. when we were in the 8th. She would have the bob song and all that kids training. it was funny. we all told her that we were not kids and guess what she did next. Ok everyone ten laps back and forth. switching from front stroke to back stroke to glide swimming. man thats was annoying but good training.

zorg said...

the bob song, she had you guys singing the bob song? thats funny.

yeah i know, i wish i could have word problems than involved real life situations, not super heroes.