Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today was interesting. I had to clean the church as usual so my dad and I went into town. I finished cleaning while he was working on the heaters in the back Sunday school rooms and then as we got in the car the phone rang, then we went to Canadian tire. I got a sweet little knife there (it is somewhat sharp) and as we were checking out the phone rang. After that we went to Jtec and the phone rang. And then we go to Walmart and the phone rang and then we go to Value Village and the phone rang. So then we go to Loebs and then we go back to the church because dad figured out how to fix the heaters and then we get to City Limits and the phone rang, so then we start heading back to loebs and the phone rang, this time it was Timmy so that was ok, I enjoy talking to my almost two year old brother. So we finally get on 401 and dad says he wonders if we can get home without the phone ringing, and somehow we manage to do that.

This knife I have is small, but I don't need a big knife so its ok. Its the smallest Gerber knife they had and it was $20, well actually $19.99. It has a locking blade and it is very sharp, I actually sharpened it on my arm and I was rather surprised because I had never managed to do that before and I have tried several times. Its 5.25 inches in total length and the blade is 2.25 inches long and it weighs 1 ounce. I was just writing that all out to see if I remembered it.

The first time I went to Loebs dad offered to get me a candy bar, but I decided to take my chances on the coke machine, which turned out to be a bad choice. So I got over to the machine and I looked hard for a root beer and I saw a bottle that was grayish/silver in colour and it was turned in such a way that I couldn't see the sides or the front so I had know idea if it was actually a barqs or if it was a diet coke. So I took my chances and it was a diet coke. Wow, I had forgotten that coke tasted so nasty! It was horrid, absolutely horrid but I drank almost all of it because I was thirsty. When we got back to the church I tried hard to finish the last 1/4th of the bottle but I couldn't so I ended up pouring down the sink. I kept the lid though, you never know if I may win something, I have a one in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance.

The second time I went into Loebs I, for the first time, realized that they play music in the store, the reason I noticed was because they were playing My Immortal. So even if I don't listen to that music anymore, the songs are still in my head waiting for a chance to reappear and bug me. But to be perfectly honest, the lyrics are nice. And at the same time they aren't. Confusing.

There are lots of things that bug me when they shouldn't and I wish that they wouldn't bug me. I cant stand it when Ben rubs his fingers in the window in the van, or when certain people (person) makes his hand crack or his neck pop because it sounds really icky and it makes me cringe, and I should add the he said he would stop, or when Timmy hums forever when I am writing or is singing "mum mu ma mum mu ma mum mu ma mum mu ma bo bo ba ba ba ba " over and over and over and over. Or when people stare at me or when people put humongously long spaces between their paragraphs, or when people stand by the computer watching me as I write (hehe that made them go away) or when people scratch a chalkboard or scream and then tell me they are whistling. Or when Puppy looks at me when I leave her to go inside or when my younger siblings ask why, like they ask me if they can paint with my oil paint and I say no and they say why not.

I have been writing for 46 minutes and now I want to do other things on the computer so I am going to stop now. Auf Wiedersehen


Joseph said...

I will and I am stopping. its just i can't move my neck so I pop it back to help the pain. my hand is the same. and I also know that its not good for my hands so thats why I'm stopping. and because it bothers people.

zorg said...

Everybody says that if you do that then you'll get arthritis when you get older; I wonder how much truth is in that.